Clarke welcomes Murlough Beach excellent bathing water quality

Newcastle Alliance Councillor Patrick Clarke has warmly welcomed the news that Murlough Beach bathing waters has passed the EC Bathing Waters Directive at ‘Excellent Status’, which were recently announced the Environment Minister today.

Twenty of the beaches in Northern Ireland including Murlough Beach achieved the higher guideline standards and will be eligible, on water quality criteria, to apply for the Blue Flag award in 2012.

Newcastle beach has also passed EC Bathing Waters Directive mandatory standards for water quality in 2011. Newcastle beach passed the EC Bathing Waters Directive at ‘Good Status’.

But Councillor Patrick Clarke stressed that more must do more to ensure that local beaches in Down District continue to pass these tests.

Councillor Patrick Clarke stated: “The latest tests have given Murlough Beach a clean bill of health with 18 excellent readings out of 20 and will be eligible, on water quality criteria, to apply for the Blue Flag award in 2012.” “This is excellent news that Murlough beach has passed these bathing water quality tests.”

“Hopefully Newcastle beach bathing water can also in the future be able to also achieve excellent status similar to Murlough which would enable Down District Council to apply for Blue Flag status, this is something which as a local Councillor for Newcastle I am very deeply committed to working towards.”

“Our beaches are still at risk from pollution so we should ensure that as guardians of our natural surroundings that we all play our part in keeping our beaches clean.”

“With the major upgrading of Newcastle Water Treatment Works to start before the end of the year and a commitment by Down District Council to implement and develop a plan to enable Newcastle to move in the future towards Blue Flag status in conjunction with the upgrade of the Water Treatment Works at the Harbour would enable Newcastle to regain Blue Flag status once the bathing water quality improves at Newcastle’s beaches.”

“The Blue flag is recognised across Europe as a bathing water area that meets the best quality standards.”


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