Clarke welcomes dog control order proposals for Newcastle promenade and beach

Newcastle Alliance Councillor Patrick Clarke has welcomed the approval by Down Council on recommendations for dog control orders under the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act regarding Newcastle Promenade, Newcastle beach and foreshore.

Councillor Patrick Clarke said: “For many years certain irresponsible dog owners have used Newcastle beach and promenade as a recreation and dog fouling area for their dogs which has caused inconvenience to walkers and tourists also walking along Newcastle beach and promenade.

“I welcome the powers being considered regarding better dog control along Newcastle promenade and also in particular Newcastle beach and foreshore which will make it a stronger responsibility on dog owners when walking their dogs to have them under control using a dog lead and to ensure that they remove any dog fouling.

“The new powers will mean dog owners need to keep their dogs on leads along Newcastle Promenade and also Newcastle beach and foreshore, which to date some dog owners have allowed their dogs to freely roam and also dog foul with no regard for other walkers and tourists.

“These new powers will mean dog owners will be prosecuted if their dog is not on a lead and also dog fouls along Newcastle promenade, associated grassed/planted areas and on Newcastle beach and foreshore.”


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