Clarke condemns attack on Knockevin Special School

Down District Alliance Councillor Patrick Clarke has strongly condemned damage at a special school attacked by vandals at the weekend. The damage at Knockevin Special School in Downpatrick, has been estimated at £30,000. A 23-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of burglary. Six buses had been damaged, as well as doors of three rooms in the school kicked in and the rooms extensively damaged.

Councillor Patrick Clarke stated: “The recent attack and deliberate damage at Knockevein special School in Downpatrick simply beggars belief.

“To vandalise both the school and trash six buses used to transport children and young people with special needs to Knockevin School serves absolutely no purpose.

“Thankfully staff came in on Sunday to assist in the clean-up which has enabled the school to open on Monday with minimum disruption to the children and young people who attend the education centre.

“I would like to commend the staff in their efforts to ensure that it was business as usual for those who attend Knockevin School which serves the entire District.

“Knockevin provides schooling for 89 pupils aged from three years to 19 years old and is held in very high regard for the valuable service which it provides.

“I simply cannot understand why Knockevin School was targeted and hope that the perpetrators are brought before the courts and given a custodial sentence.”


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