Clarke concerned by suspension of NIHE double glazing scheme

Newcastle Alliance Councillor Patrick Clarke has said he is very concerned by the Department of Social Development Minister Nelson McCausland’s decision to suspend the double-glazing scheme he recently rolled out across Housing Executive properties. The Newcastle Alliance Councillor was speaking after the DSD Minister said he was forced to suspend the scheme on the grounds of cost.

Councillor Patrick Clarke said: “I am very deeply concerned that the recently announced double glazing scheme to NIHE properties has been stopped by the DSD Minister due to exorbitant prices being charged for installation.

“Many housing executive properties are very long overdue this basic improvement which will go some way to making people’s homes easier to heat.

“I have received numerous requests for housing executive properties to be given urgent priority for double glazing due to the very poor state of repair some of the windows and frames are presently in. Many of these properties urgently need double glazing replacement windows as a matter of urgency and the rising cost of heating their homes.

“Whilst I fully understand and respect that it is right and proper that best value for the work is secured I am concerned that the delay caused due to the suspension of installation of double glazing will cause a huge backlog list of waiting housing executive properties.

“It is ridiculous that the exorbitant prices being charged by the original contractor are only being discovered now and asks serious questions around the tendering process.

“I would therefore urge the DSD Minister to ensure that this process is conducted swiftly as well as thoroughly and to investigate the original tendering process to see if lessons can be learned.”


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