Castlereagh Council to write to Libraries NI Chief Executive on cut in Cregagh Library opening hours

Alliance Castlereagh Councillor Carole Howard asked Castlereagh Council last night to write to the Chief Executive of Libraries NI following the proposals to reduce the opening hours at Cregagh Library by a quarter, from 40 to 30 hours per week. The letter asked Irene Knox for the rationale for this decision. The Council unanimously agreed to her request.

Cllr Carole Howard said: “I am glad that Castlereagh Council has seen the importance of this issue and has agreed to write to the Chief Executive of Libraries NI. I will be very keen to hear from them as to their rationale behind this decision as the number of people using Cregagh library has increased due to the closure if Braniel and Gilnahirk.

“I know that everybody has to play their part in meeting budget cutbacks but under the original proposals, Cregagh should only have had their opening hours reviewed in September 2012 because they were affected by the closures of Braniel and Gilnahirk libraries.

“Libraries NI promised us that there would be a continued service at Cregagh, particularly for those who used other libraries that have now closed, but I am annoyed that they have not kept to their word following this decision.”


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