Castlereagh Council backs Alliance proposal to give PSNI Freedom of Borough

Alderman Sara Duncan has welcomed support from all political parties across Castlereagh in backing an Alliance proposal to bestow the Freedom of the Borough on the PSNI.

The matter was discussed tonight and will now formally be debated at a special council meeting.

Alderman Sara Duncan said: “In 2000, this Council recognised the service given by the RUC GC by awarding it the Freedom of the Borough. Since then it is clear that the PSNI, which replaced that body in November 2001, has faced similar challenges in serving and protecting our community in both Castlereagh and across Northern Ireland.

“It is with that in mind that we have put forward the motion tonight as we wish to recognise the dedicated service of the PSNI over the past 12 years, including two officers who paid the ultimate sacrifice at the hands of terrorists. We feel that before this Borough disappears in the coming years through RPA that it is vital that their work in Castlereagh is formally recognised and rewarded by the members of this Council.

“Before bringing this motion tonight, we have consulted with the PSNI who have said that they would be delighted to accept this honour, with senior officers happy to see the work of policemen and women across the Borough recognised in this very public way.

“We believe that it is important to recognise the many officers who work in a number of facilities and police stations across the Borough and many more who are from the Borough who serve both here and across Northern Ireland.

“Finally, we feel that it is important that we as a Council reaffirm our strong and united support for those who uphold the rule of law in what are very challenging times when they continue to face threats on many fronts.”


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