Castlereagh Alliance motion calling for recording of meetings defeated by Unionists

An Alliance motion in Castlereagh calling for a feasibility study into sound recording of council meetings has been defeated by Unionists.

Councillor Tim Morrow and Councillor Carole Howard brought the motion to Castlereagh Borough Council this week, asking for consideration to be given to the recording of main Council and Committee meetings.

The Councillors brought the motion forward following continuing disagreements over what has been said and by whom when ratifying council minutes.

Councillor Tim Morrow said: “Alliance has fought for increasing openness and transparency in Castlereagh for years and we are disappointed that this attempt to ensure accuracy has been opposed by Unionist Councillors.”

Councillor Carole Howard added: “This proposal seemed a common sense way to address the endless arguing over what has been said at meetings, as we would have a clear and independent record of everything that was said. This might help to temper the language used by some members.”

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