Campbell responds to Gerry Kelly gerrymander claim in Newtownabbey

Alliance Newtownabbey Council Group Leader Cllr Tom Campbell as responded to claims by Gerry Kelly that the co-option of an independent into Briege Meehan’s council seat was a gerrymander. Sinn Fein only made contact with the Alliance Party about the co-option a couple of hours before the council agreed to co-opt independent Brendan Carlin. Sinn Fein were not able to put forward a name for a co-option.

Cllr Tom Campbell said: “Sinn Fein are playing political games after this co-option was agreed. If they were so serious about wanting one of their members to take the vacant seat then they would not have rung us at the eleventh hour when they were not even able to put forward a name. By not putting forward a name they would have forced a costly by-election on the local ratepayers.

“It is a sign of progress that the unionist dominated council could agree on an independent businessman who is well respected by both sides of the community who will be able to represent the people that voted for Briege Meehan.

“This attack on the Newtownabbey council is nothing but a cheap shot after the event had already happened.”


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