Campaign to have ‘dangerous’ Main Ards – Dundonald Road resurfacing completed

Newtownards Alliance Councillor Alan McDowell has had success in his motion at Ards Borough Council calling on the Council to write to Minister Conor Murphy to put pressure on him to have the remaining part of Newtownards to Dundonald dual carriageway resurfaced. The motion was passed and the Council will now write calling resurfacing urgently because Mr McDowell believes the road is in a dangerous condition, with loose stones breaking windscreens.

Alan McDowell said: “The Kempe Stones Road dual carriageway between Newtownards and Dundonald is one of the busiest roads in the Ards area, with tens of thousands of commuters using it each day. I am pleased that my motion at Ards Council calling on the Council to put pressure on the Minister to get the work completed was passed.

“A number of cars have had their windscreens broken due to loose stones on this road and I have also called for a temporary speed limit until this resurfacing work is completed.

“I had raised the dangerous condition with the Roads Service on a number of occasions and was delighted when work started on the resurfacing of this main road. However, I and thousands who use this road, were disappointed when a large section between Newtownards and Dundonald was not resurfaced as Road Service funding had run out.

“At a recent meeting with Road Service, I complained that when patching was carried on the unfinished stretch, it was a waste of money, as it had only made thing worse. Then the snow and ice in December made things even worse, creating more potholes.

“I believe that this section of road is now in a very dangerous condition, with large potholes and loose stones. I would urge Road Service to resurface the remaining part of the Kempe Stones Road immediately, before there is a serious injury or fatality.

“Also, as a safety measure, I would also urge that a temporary 50 miles per hour speed limit is put in place on this stretch of road until the resurfacing is complete.


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