Burnside is a “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” – Ford

Speaking to local Alliance members, David Ford attacked London based businessman David Burnside on his candidacy for the Ulster Unionist Party in the South Antrim by-election.

David Ford said:

“Burnside has nothing to offer to the people of South Antrim. This is a man who abandoned Northern Ireland to build himself up as an advertising mogul in London, becoming the ‘dirty tricks’ man for British Airways. He does not even live in Northern Ireland – let alone the constituency. How can he possibly represent people here?”

“He claims he wants to unite the Ulster Unionist Party. Like most people, I am more interested in uniting the people of Northern Ireland rather than any political party. And in any case, how does he reconcile uniting his Party with passing motions which make life more difficult for David Trimble, his Party Leader.”

“Make no mistake, Mr. Burnside is a real wolf in sheep’s clothing. He may make noises about being progresssive, but he nearly derailed the peace process with his motion to the Ulster Unionist Council in March. He claims to support the RUC, yet he is quite happy to use it as a political football when it suits him, against the wishes of the Chief Constable.”

“South Antrim, and all those who support the cause of peace, cannot afford to have David Burnside as their MP.”


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