Budget will not do enough to end fuel poverty

Alliance Social Development Spokesperson Anna Lo MLA has said that the Executive budget will not provide enough funding to eradicate fuel poverty. She expressed her fears on the day that the budget is being debated in the Assembly.

South Belfast Alliance MLA Anna Lo said: “Fuel poverty is an issue that affects the most vulnerable people in our society. This budget will not do enough to eradicate fuel poverty. Unfortunately the voices of older people and families on low incomes are often not heard. Alliance as the opposition is giving everyone a voice and we want to see this Executive hauled to account on areas in which they are not working effectively.

“People have, with the cold snap in the last week, again seen the threat that fuel poverty has for some people in our society.

“It is anticipated that this winter will be much colder than the last. This is a very disturbing trend and it further underlines the urgent need for more funding to be dedicated to battling fuel poverty.”


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