Brown motion on breed specific legislation passed

A local Council has supported an Alliance motion calling on laws surrounding dangerous dogs in Northern Ireland to be reviewed.

Councillor Patrick Brown brought the motion earlier this week to Newry, Mourne and Down Council in the wake of the recent Hank the dog case. It called for the Council to put on record its opposition to breed specific legislation, which currently compels dog wardens to seize and destroy pitbulls or animals with pitbull-like features.

Councillor Brown said he was pleased the Council had backed his motion.

“The recent case of Hank brought to light this legislation. There is a clear need to remove breed specific legislation – entire breeds should not be condemned without any thought as to the actions or temperament of the individual dog in question.

“It is disgraceful that a dog who is no threat to the public could potentially be put to sleep because of an outdated law. There is a growing opposition to such legislation and I am delighted the Council have voiced their support to my motion.

“I hope Minister Michelle McIlveen now takes on board the Council’s vote on this issue and it encourages her to look at breed specific legislation as soon as possible so we can stop repeats of cases such as Hank’s in future.”

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