Bring in smoking ban now: McCarthy

Responding to today’s Queen’s Speech setting out the legislative programme for the newly elected Government, Alliance Party Health Spokesperson, Kieran McCarthy MLA, endorsed the pledge to introduce a smoking ban.

Kieran McCarthy said: “A ban on smoking in public places should be introduced in Northern Ireland as soon as possible. While the Government’s legislation will likely not be applied here, if a smoking ban is good enough for England and Wales, then it’s good enough for Northern Ireland.

“After all, a smoking ban has been proved successful in the Republic of Ireland, and Scotland is proceeding with one.

“The overwhelming response to our Department of Health’s public consultation supports a complete ban in all public places.

“I say to the new direct rule minister responsible for health and public safety, ‘Stop dilly dallying. The longer you wait to take this decision, the longer people are going to suffer unnecessarily.'”


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