Alliance meets US Special Envoy Mitchell Reiss

An Alliance delegation this morning met with US Special Envoy Mitchell Reiss, to discuss political developments in Northern Ireland.

Speaking after the meeting, David Ford stated:

“Alliance had very productive meeting with Dr Reiss.

“Like Alliance, Dr Reiss takes a particular interest in developing a shared future. We stressed that a government framework for good relations is now in place, but this needs to be followed up over the next few months with specific policy proposals and action points. This is an area where the Government can really make a difference and improve the prospects for

devolution, if it is prepared to give it the necessary attention.

“Attention also fell on how talks could be restarted. Alliance emphasised our concerns that any IRA statement be comprehensive and unambiguous. Trite phrases such as ‘the war is over’, or ‘end to armed struggle’, simply do not reflect the need for a clear commitment to the end of all paramilitary and criminal activity. We had a shared understanding that any continued illegal activity associated with a political party had the potential to subvert democracy and the rule of law.

“It is clear that the US Administration remains willing to assist our process in any way possible.”


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