Bradshaw welcomes confirmation on abortion law change recommendation

Paula Bradshaw MLA has welcomed confirmation an inter-Departmental working group has recommended changes in abortion law here.

Ms Bradshaw was speaking after the Senior Crown Counsel for the Department of Justice told the Supreme Court a working group set up to examine the law before the election in May 2016 had recommended legislative change in cases of fatal foetal abnormality.

The report, which was also leaked to media over a year ago, has never been released publicly by either the Departments of Justice or Health. The admission was made during a hearing on abortion law at the Supreme Court.

“When David Ford was Justice Minister, he consulted into this matter and the findings recommended a change in the law, which was subsequently blocked by the DUP. The working group’s recommendation was leaked to the media almost a year ago and it is welcome we now have further clarity from the Department, which should now be followed,” she said.

“It is disappointing neither the former Justice or Health Ministers Claire Sugden and Michelle O’Neill released the report’s recommendation publicly but this sets out clearly it should be followed. It is now evident the Department of Justice should now be looking for ways to implement it on human rights grounds.

“It remains frustrating we have no current means to have this issue properly debated in the legislature, which is where action on this would normally be taken. Those delaying the restoration of the institutions must now reflect any further delay means in effect a clear breach of women’s human rights, and it is thus ludicrous to delay restoration any further.”

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