Bengoa progress report shows need for Minister in place, says Bradshaw

Alliance Health spokesperson Paula Bradshaw MLA has said a progress report on the Department of Health’s response to the Bengoa Report shows “remarkable progress” but added the process will run out of road without a Minister in place.

The South Belfast MLA said those involved with Delivering Together, the Department’s strategy following the Bengoa Report, deserved praise for working to address the challenges presented in the recommendations by Dr Bengoa.

“We should not forget, despite the huge difficulties presented by inadequate resourcing and political instability, most people accessing our healthcare services still marvel at them and the people who work in them.

“Nevertheless, any even taking a glance at today’s report will soon recognise this progress will soon run out of road with no Minister in place. Thousands of people are working hard on this process and hundreds of thousands depend on the outcome of it, yet still we have political leaders whose main interest is in diverting blame on to others rather than recognising with the biggest mandates come the biggest responsibilities.

“Meanwhile, this report should serve to remind the public how lucky we are to have the dedicated public servants we have across health and social care in Northern Ireland, and to remind political leaders it is time to get on with the job. The political deal, including all-party agreement to implement the Bengoa proposals, is there to be done and we should be getting on with the job and focusing on serving the public interest without delay.”

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