Bradshaw says greater clarity needed on healthcare reform

Alliance Councillor Paula Bradshaw has demanded greater clarity from the Health Minister on the implementation of healthcare reform, saying the lack of transparency threatens the entire improvement process.

The South Belfast representative said Alliance broadly supported Transforming Your Care, which had been hailed as the biggest overhaul of the health service here for decades, but it had been hamstrung by poor communication and lack of clarity.

She said the current status quo was not sustainable.

“There is no doubt we need reform. Alliance’s preference is for an all-party approach, with consultation with key bodies and others. Transforming Your Care was talked up as the answer to everyone’s concerns, but from what we have seen so far, it has not come close to giving the health service the overhaul it needs.

“The main reason is the lack of clarity from the Minister. Precisely which parts of the reform programme are now considered to have been delivered? Which parts are currently being delivered? Which parts have run into difficulty? How can we now monitor aspects of the transformation which are already working versus those which may be unworkable?

“It is a concern to those of us who took risks to support the programme that the implementation of Transforming Your Care seems to involve a lot of process but little outcome. If it is truly here to stay, we need more detail about how it is being delivered, what else is planned, and how it is being monitored.”

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