Bradshaw – Only the public will decide the election and not parties

Alliance South Belfast Councillor Paula Bradshaw has said that political parties should reject any proposal for an electoral pact in South Belfast and let the public decide the outcome of the election. Her comments were made following speculation over unionist pacts in several constituencies across Northern Ireland.

Cllr Paula Bradshaw said: “The only people who will decide who wins in the upcoming election is the electorate and not political parties making shady backroom deals. We must move away from attempts to turn elections into tribal head counts.

“Those politicians who have been advocating tribal pacts are doing a disservice to the public. Nobody should be dictating to the public who they should be voting for, it is up to the electorate to make their own informed decision.

“Parties should not take the electorate for granted. Spending time on such deals will do nothing to benefit our society. Politicians should be concentrating on the real issues affecting the public such as jobs, education and health services.”


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