Bradshaw calls for immediate release of Bengoa Report

Alliance Health spokesperson Paula Bradshaw MLA has said the Health Minister should delay no longer and release the Bengoa Report immediately.

The report was given to Michelle O’Neill last week with the findings of the Expert Panel, which has been tasked with restructuring health and social care here. The Minister announced she would be responding in the autumn.

However, South Belfast MLA Ms Bradshaw said she believed the Minister should publish the report today in the interests of transparency.

“It is certainly welcome news the report has been completed and is in the possession of the Minister. While I recognise the Minister may need a little time to study the report and formulate a response, the report itself should be published to allow everyone to see what has been recommended.

“The report itself is the work of the review team and that text will not be amended by the Department, so it is a perfect chance to release it publicly to show the detail to everyone with a stake in the future of health and social care here.

“There has been much talk about a cross-party approach to this review, and also to taking politics out of health decisions. This is a chance for the Minister to follow through on that pledge and show that by doing things differently, we can achieve better outcomes for the people of Northern Ireland.”

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