Bower calls for removal of billboard in Bangor

North Down Alliance Youth Representative Michael Bower has called for the removal of a billboard opposite the filling station on the Belfast Road in Bangor after finding out that it did not have the required planning permission.

Michael Bower stated, “After receiving complaints from local residents I checked with the Planning Service to investigate whether or not the billboard had received planning permission as all forms of outdoor advertising need to be approved against Planning Policy Statement 17.

“They informed me that there was no record of an approval at the site, but that there had been a number of refusals for billboards to be erected at that location in the past. I can therefore only assume that the owners of the billboard went against the judgement of the planners and decided to erect them anyway.

“The owners of the billboard have shown a blatant disregard for the authority of the Planning Service and to the residents who have to look at it every time they open their curtains.

“I have reported this to the Enforcement Division of the Planning Service who I hope will take appropriate action against the owners of the billboard and lead to its ultimate removal.”


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