Blame sectarian parties for parking trouble

Alliance Spokesperson Stewart Dickson has blamed the sectarian parties for parking trouble in Northern Ireland. He stated that if people like Ian Paisley Jnr and other politicians from the sectarian parties had worked together and restored devolution, Northern Ireland could make its own decisions on parking. His comments come after Ian Paisley Jrn attacked NCP parking attendants for issuing 14,000 tickets since they were introduced last month.

Carrickfergus Councillor Stewart Dickson said: “On the parking issue, the buck or the ticket in this case stops with the sectarian parties.

“You can park the blame on people like Ian Paisley Jnr and his party because the sectarian parties are stopping us from dealing with this issue in the Assembly. Because they won’t work together to get devolution up and running, we have these parking attendants forced upon us by Direct-Rule dictators.

“Northern Ireland should be making its own decisions and the sectarian parties currently are running away from their responsibilities.”


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