Anna Lo To Contest South Belfast for Alliance

The Alliance Party has selected Anna Lo to be its candidate in the South Belfast Constituency for the forthcoming Assembly Election. She is currently the Chief Executive of the Chinese Welfare Association, and is the first candidate from an ethnic minority background to contest a winnable seat in the Assembly. Her candidature has been described as a major watershed in Northern Ireland politics by Alliance Leader, David Ford.

Speaking upon her selection, Anna Lo stated:

“I am delighted to have been selected by Alliance to contest South Belfast, and am looking forward to the campaign.

“Alliance’s message of building a shared future, and building inclusive politics is the only credible way forward in Northern Ireland, for all our citizens.

“I hope that my example will encourage many other people to consider engaging in electoral politics. It is through the ballot box and the democratic process that real change can be delivered.

“I am determined to be much more than a candidate for ethnic minorities. I want to represent all of the people of South Belfast, irrespective of their background.”

Alliance Party Leader David Ford commented:

“Anna is a proven leader, with a strong track record in community relations and community development work.

“Anna’s candidature is a major watershed The population in Northern Ireland has become much more diverse over recent years. It is time that our politics caught up.

“Today, the notion that Northern Ireland consists of only ‘two communities’ has been dealt a devastating blow.

“As a cross-community party, Alliance has been to the forefront of efforts to build an inclusive and integrated Northern Ireland. This is much more than Protestant-Catholic relations.

“Alliance has a strong support base in South Belfast. Our Council vote last year shows that an Assembly seat is a realistic expectation for the party. I am confident that Anna will mobilise an even greater vote in the Assembly election.


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