Blair – Meaningful dialogue is how we can resolve Ardoyne parade, not continued protests

Alliance North Belfast representative Cllr John Blair has said the place to resolve the contentious Ardoyne parade is through meaningful dialogue, not continued protests. His comments were made after the Orange Order said that they would upscale their protests. Civil disobedience is also being considered.

Cllr John Blair said: “I again call on all sides to take part in dialogue without preconditions to find a way forward on the Ardoyne parade. It is only through meaningful dialogue that we will resolve this matter, not continued protests.

“I am disappointed in the comments by the Orange Order that they want to see an upscale in the protests. While I respect the right of the public to take part in lawful protest, we will not find agreement over this parade if the Orange Order decide to continue down this route.

“I welcome the fact that there was no trouble at Saturday’s protest, however there is the possibility of more young people receiving criminal records if these protests turn violent.”


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