Blair condemns those involved at trouble at Carlisle Circus

Alliance North Belfast representative Cllr John Blair has condemned those responsible for trouble which broke out in the Carlisle Circus and Clifton Street area following a march by a Republican band on Sunday night. A number of police officers were hurt, several of whom were sent to hospital for medical treatment.

Cllr John Blair said: “I am disgusted by those who have gotten involved in the trouble which broke out in the area. If anybody has broken the rule of law in any of the different incidents recently in the Clifton Street area then they deserve to be locked up for the crimes they have committed. There can be no justification for any of these incidents.

“I am outraged that police officers have again been injured, there is a duty on anybody who knows who is responsible for these injuries to come forward and give the police any information they have.

“I am saddened that yet again Northern Ireland is in the news for the wrong reasons, this cannot continue.

“There is obviously a lot of tension in the area; leaders on all sides must play their part in decreasing this tension or I fear we will not be able to move forward.

“I am calling for calm in the area and would encourage anybody who has any influence in their community in North Belfast to stop people getting involved in the trouble.”


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