Blair condemns North Belfast attack on PSNI

Alliance Councillor John Blair has condemned a pipe bomb attack on PSNI officers in North Belfast.
The North Belfast spokesperson said attacks like these must come to an end and appealed for anyone with information to contact the PSNI immediately.
Councillor John Blair said: “There is absolutely no doubt that those who planned and carried out this attack did so with the aim of causing serious injury or death to the PSNI officers involved. This is a worrying attack and one that must be condemned. I am only thankful no serious damage was done.
“The PSNI must be able to uphold the law at all times and we cannot let anything detract from the good work they have been doing for residents across all communities. Responding to emergency calls is an important responsibility for all officers. We cannot allow growing concerns for their safety to affect the welfare of residents across Northern Ireland.
“This incident also took place close to local houses and could have led to many more causalities. The area will be subjected to major disruption in coming days and I want to praise everyone involved in restoring order to the area.”
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