Belfast must set standard when it comes to recycling, says McReynolds

Belfast City Council will officially focus on how it can reduce its use of hard to dispose of plastics tonight, after a proposal from Councillor Peter McReynolds is set to get the go-ahead at Thursday night’s Council meeting.

Initially raising the idea last month, Councillor McReynolds has said he’s delighted Councillors will back his plans, allowing for a review of how the local authority manages waste on all Council sites to get underway.

He added: “Belfast must be the standard for all others to follow. Plastic plays a massive role in our lives and is an important material for us as a society; however, how we manage it is just as important”

“I am delighted that my request was passed at the Committee stage and the Council will agree in principle to introduce compostable cups on Council sites, investigate how we can minimise our environmental impact, and how this Council can set the bar as high as can be”

“I joined Alliance due to their strong commitment towards openness, transparency and their commitment for residents but we also have a fantastic environmental record and I am proud to contribute to that for the people of Belfast.”

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