Attempted Arson Attack on Bangor Alliance Office

North Down Alliance MLA, Stephen Farry, has confirmed that his constituency office in Bangor has been subject to an attempted arson attack, and has thanked the police for their swift actions which prevented significant damage to property.

Stephen Farry said: “I can confirm that there was an attempted arson attack on my constituency office in Bangor on Wednesday evening.

“Petrol or some other accelerant was poured over my shutters by a number of people. Fortunately, they were interrupted by a passing police patrol and fled the scene.

“I am grateful to both the police and the fire and rescue service for their assistance.

“This attack coincides with an attack on the house of my local political colleagues, Christine and Michael Bower, which put the life of toddler at risk, and the arson attack on my Assembly colleague, Stewart Dickson.

“An orchestrated campaign of intimidation against Alliance elected representatives has unsurprisingly turned violent. We in Alliance will remain resolute in standing up for values of a shared future, democracy and the rule of law.”

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