Assembly passes Alliance motion on Kincora allegations

The Assembly has passed a motion proposed by East Belfast MLAs Judith Cochrane and Chris Lyttle, which called for Kincora Boys’ Home to be included in the UK wide child abuse inquiry.

Judith Cochrane MLA said: “The unanimous support in the Assembly for our motion has sent a strong message to the UK government that Kincora Boys’ Home should be included in the UK-wide child abuse inquiry.

“There have been persistent allegations that senior politicians, military personnel, paramilitary figures and businessmen from Northern Ireland and Great Britain were involved both in the abuse and subsequent cover-up.

“Perhaps even more disturbing still is the allegation that members of the intelligence services were also complicit in a cover-up of this scandal.

“It is imperative that the UK government authorises disclosure of all the relevant information required to uncover the truth.”

Chris Lyttle MLA said: “The abuse that took place at Kincora is a national scandal but I am pleased that every party echoed the calls of Naomi Long that it should be included in the UK-wide inquiry.

“The Northern Ireland Historical Institutional Abuse inquiry does not have the necessary powers to compel evidence from Whitehall, nor investigate issues relating to the army or MI5

“The UK-wide inquiry, chaired by Fiona Woolf, is the only appropriate vehicle for Kincora to be investigated in the depth necessary to achieve truth and justice for the victims.”


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