Arson attack “the unacceptable side of East Belfast”: Long

Alliance East Belfast MLA Naomi Long has said an arson attack on the home of a Polish family in East Belfast is unacceptable, and said much more must be done to stop East Belfast being seen as an area where racist attitudes are prevalent.

Naomi Long stated: “Once again we hear of another attack on the home of an immigrant family. It appears that this attack was unprovoked and that there was a racist motive behind it. Regardless of what the motive, this is yet another example of people having no regard for human life and property.

“This is an issue of attitude. For too many people, attacks of this nature are acceptable. For too many people, racist attitudes are prevalent. This is what happens if you create a society based on exclusive sectarian building blocks.

“Everyone has a role in overcoming division, eradicating racism, and making sure every registers that attacks of this nature do nothing but harm to the victims, and to the community as a whole.

“I would call on everyone who knows anything about this attack to ensure the police have all the information available to them.”


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