All must tackle racism to avoid ghettoization

Alliance Ballymena representative Jayne Dunlop has slammed the perpetrators of a racist attack in Bushmills, but said it is up to everyone to tackle the issue.

Jayne Dunlop stated: “This incident shows once again that we as a community cannot just ignore racist attitudes, even if they do not appear to be right on our doorstep.

“There is a very real risk that attacks of this nature will cause immigrant groups to look in on themselves, and lead to a situation of ghettoization. That is healthy for no one.

“We must all work to prove that Northern Ireland is a hospitable place, and we must all work to solve the existing divisions in our society rather than allowing new ones to be created.

“There are people out there determined to introduce a racist divide to Northern Ireland. The decent majority must act together to stop them.”


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