Armstrong to run for Strangford Assembly seat

Councillor Kellie Armstrong is stepping forward for Alliance in Strangford, selected by her association to contest the Assembly election in the seat vacated by out-going MLA Kieran McCarthy.

Building on the success of her previous campaigns, Kellie says she offers ‘fresh politics’ to all those disgruntled with the ‘same men in grey suits arguing over the same old issues’.

With a strong track record of community engagement locally, Kellie’s priorities include standing against sectarianism in politics and public life – an issue that still haunts society; fighting for a better environment – including sustainable and energy production and targeting animal cruelty – and providing a woman’s voice on women’s issues – something which Kellie believes has been overlooked in recent years.

Councillor Kellie Armstrong said: “I’m delighted the local association has put their faith in me to follow the great work undertaken for local people by Kieran McCarthy.

“Alliance is the only party offering a clear alternative to the constant fighting offered by other parties. The results of the Westminster election last year proves that the public are ready to endorse a new way of doing things, ready for a party offering a truly shared and inclusive society. Almost 4,700 people in Strangford voted for me in the Westminster election. I believe that together we will see that number increase as more people join with me to fight against sectarianism and for a better future for everyone.

“A Councillor for over three years now, I’ve worked constantly for everyone both in my constituency and across Strangford- offering the best solutions to both local and wider problems. I’m excited to think what I could deliver for constituents at an Assembly level.

“I’ll be running a campaign based on positive politics and there will be plenty of opportunities to get involved. I look forward to taking the Alliance Party’s vision to the electorate again, outlining our desire for a new Northern Ireland, open to all.”

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