Armstrong says blood ban move massive step towards true equality

Alliance MLA Kellie Armstrong has said the repeal of the gay blood ban is a “massive step towards true equality”.

The Strangford MLA, who submitted a written question to the Health Minister this week investigating why the ban had not been lifted, said today’s action meant the “era of second-class citizenship” of the LGBT community was closer to being ended.

“Only this week I submitted a question pushing the Minister to end this ridiculous ban, so I am delighted that only days later that is now the case,” said Ms Armstrong.

“The ban was lifted in England, Scotland and Wales almost five years ago, so for gay men to suffer discrimination for that period due to the prejudices of one party has been totally unacceptable.

“I am pleased action has finally been taken and an absurd blood ban that everyone could see was not based on available evidence but rather discrimination, has been removed.”

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