Armstrong calls for urgent action on Kircubbin sea defences

Alliance Strangford MLA Kellie Armstrong has called on the Infrastructure Minister to ensure urgent repairs are carried out to a sea defence wall in Kircubbin.

Ms Armstrong was speaking following an announcement of investment in a bridge in Maghera. Kellie Armstrong said: “While I welcome the Minister’s commitment to widen a bridge and to ensure masonry in keeping with the original structure is used in Maghera, I have to ask why Transport NI continues to ignore the hole in the sea defence stone wall separating traffic from Strangford Lough in Kircubbin.

“A portion of the wall protecting traffic from the lough has been down for some considerable time. Transport NI has repeatedly ignored the need to repair this stone wall before winter. High tides and storms can breach the defence, making the Shore Road in Kircubbin even more vulnerable to erosion and putting passing traffic and pedestrians at risk of being hit by debris thrown up by waves and tidal surges.

“I call on the Infrastructure Minister and the Drainage Council to review why the sea defence in Kircubbin has been allowed to remain in such disrepair for months without any attempt to protect the public.”

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