Armitage: Removal of bonfire materials is welcome

Alliance Councillor David Armitage has welcomed the removal of bonfire materials from the Connswater Greenway.

The Councillor for East Belfast said: “I’m glad to see the materials have now been removed from the Greenway, re-opening it as a shared space for everyone in our community.

“I also welcome the support given to the removal of the materials by the local bonfire builders, who in the end recognised the damage that was being caused to the community as a whole.

“While I am delighted to see an end to this issue on the Greenway, it must serve as a caution with lessons learnt for all.

“The Greenway is a positive celebration of East Belfast and there is clearly work to be done between ensuring it remains a shared space, all the while recognising culture and traditions have the freedom to be celebrated in a safe, legal and respectful manner.

“Belfast City Council, as well as community and bonfire builders need to work together to ensure all issues are addressed ahead of the July period – allowing both cultural celebrations and those enjoying the Greenway to succeed peacefully.”

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