Appeal for calm by Dickson following loyalist’s death

Alliance MLA Stewart Dickson has appealed for calm following the death of loyalist George Gilmore.

The 44-year-old died in hospital after being shot yesterday in Carrickfergus. Loyalist factions in the town have been feuding for a number of months.

Mr Dickson called on those behind the feud to bring it to an end.

“My sympathy goes to the loved ones of the deceased,” he said.

“There is now a fear in the community there will be more violence. More gunmen on the street is the last thing the public wants, so I would appeal to those behind this feud to bring it to an end.

“I plead for no retaliation from any faction – guns should not be on our streets. Paramilitary groups have no place in our society. They need to depart the scene and stop inflicting hurt on our community.”

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