Another energy initiative up in smoke?

Antrim Alliance Councillor Alan Lawther has warned that the Secretary of State’s alternative energy grant system is in danger of hindering rather than helping to budding renewable energy companies locally.

Cllr Lawther stated: “We simply cannot afford any delays in implementing an effective grant system. This threatens to do damage to Northern Ireland’s renewable energy companies, the very companies we should be assisting.

“Government bureaucracy has the potential to cause a severe cash flow crisis among the businesses who supply renewable energy products. New money for grants was announced last month but no detail has yet been provided. But with the ‘Clear Skies’ grants ending, urgent action is required.

“Any potential purchaser of a solar panel or PV cell or Wind turbine will naturally wait until DETI sorts out the details of these grants leaving renewable energy companies suffering with no new customers through no fault of their own.

“We cannot allow small businesses in such important sectors to suffer in this way. The Government’s intent is worthy, but there are severe questions over whether the bureaucrats truly understand the damage they are causing to people’s livelihoods if the new system is delayed in any way.”


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