Government contradicting itself yet again on public transport – Dickson

Alliance Carrickfergus Councillor Stewart Dickson has said people will see through the Government’s own contradictions on public transport, after a call for people to use public transport during the Westlink roadworks was met two days later by fare increases for both bus and trains.

Cllr Dickson, the Party’s local government whip, stated: “One minute the Government says we should use public transport, the next it charges us far more for doing so – and people are left bewildered and angry as a result. It appears quite callous to many people that these price rises just happen to have occurred during the roadworks.

“We are still in a situation that trains not only regularly fail to turn up on time, they often do not turn up at all. It is totally intolerable that people should have to pay extra for such a poor service.

“It is absolutely unacceptable that people – often the most vulnerable in society – should pay still more for Translink’s failures.”


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