Alliance welcomes tax report and demands tax-varying powers for Northern Ireland

Alliance Economy Spokesperson, Sean Neeson MLA, has welcomed today’s draft report on corporation tax and has demanded tax-varying powers for Northern Ireland to help boost the economy.

The East Antrim Assembly Member stated: “I welcome the draft report on corporation tax. Northern Ireland must be given tax-varying powers to help strengthen the local economy.

“Since 1998 the Alliance Party has been campaigning for tax-varying powers for Northern Ireland. Alliance has led the way in calling for tax-varying powers so that we can decrease corporation tax to make this region more competitive.

“Lower corporation tax is not panacea for all the economic problems here. There is a real need to develop skills and training if we are to compete with Republic of Ireland.

“There must also be substantial improvement in infrastructure here, as world-class companies need world class local infrastructure to attract them to invest in any region.”

“The need for a stable environment and a shared future is also of paramount importance to attract inward investment. Northern Ireland wastes £1 billion every year on segregation, therefore shared services must be provided to stop this disgraceful waste of the taxpayer’s money.

“We must cement peace and stability and bring devolution back to Northern Ireland so that everything possible can be done to bring more investment and new jobs into the region.”


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