Alliance welcomes new hope for families of the Disappeared

North Down Alliance MLA and Party Justice Spokesperson, Stephen Farry MLA, has expressed his hope of further progress in locating the remains of ‘the Disappeared’ and has again highlighted the case of his missing constituent, Lisa Dorrian.

Dr Stephen Farry stated: “The location of human remains in Co. Wicklow is an encouraging sign. After a period of nine years from when the last information was made available to locate two of ‘the Disappeared’, it is clear that progress can still be made. This news provides some hope that other sets of remains could be found.

“The families of ‘the Disappeared’ have suffered enormously. Not only have they experienced the loss of a loved one, but they have been unable to obtain closure through the issuing of a death certificate and in particular a proper burial.

“I would also stress the importance of information coming forward regarding Lisa Dorrian, who disappeared in February 2005. Her disappearance is not covered by the terms of the Commission on the Disappeared. There is a case for extending its remit. Most fundamentally, there will be people out there who know what happened to Lisa, and their consciences must be weighing heavy upon them.”


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