Alliance welcomes Liberal Democrat moves to scrap paramilitary amnesty

Alliance Party Leader David Ford has welcomed Liberal Democrat moves to force the Government to scrap legislation on so-called “on-the-runs”.

Mr Ford stated: “Liberal Democrats at Westminster tell me they will be putting pressure on the Government in committee tomorrow to scrap the legislation on paramilitary fugitives altogether.

“Now that even Sinn Féin appears to oppose the legislation, it is supported by no one at all in Northern Ireland. It is beyond dispute that stand-alone legislation allowing murderers to walk free without facing court is as morally bankrupt as you can get.

“Alliance has led the way in opposing this legislation, and we are pleased that one result of our meetings in London with parliamentarians last month has been these moves by a party with real influence at Westminster to scrap this disgraceful bill.

“Alliance will continue to exert its influence to ensure that the future of the political process is centred upon the victim not the terrorist, and upon the democrat not the criminal.”


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