MP being irresponsible with children’s lives – Alliance

Alliance Local Government Whip Stewart Dickson has lauched a withering attack on East Antrim MP Sammy Wilson’s wreckless attitude towards children’s safety on buses. He was responding to DUP claims that compulsory seat belts for children would cost £50m.

Alderman Dickson stated: “Sammy Wilson should try telling the parents of dead children up and down the British Isles, most recently in County Meath, that he wants to put a price on a child’s life.

“There is nothing ‘gold plated’ about making provision to protect young lives. Children are killed every year by virtue of not having seat belt provision on buses. Compulsory seat belts in cars slashed fatality rates. Even this year, the fatality rate on Northern Ireland’s roads is down because of a police campaign to clamp down on people not wearing seat belts.

“Free and safe school transport is not an ‘either, or’ question. Sammy Wilson is one of nine of his party’s MPs. It is they who have the legislative power to work with parliamentarians to ensure the money is available for free and safe transport.

“The simple fact, however, is that when it comes to the practicalities, the DUP is running scared of the Labour Government.”


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