Alliance urges inclusion of North Down Schools in next 20mph scheme

North Down Alliance representatives have called upon the Minister for Infrastructure to include North Down Schools within any further scheme of part time 20 mph speed restrictions outside Schools, after not a single location was selected for introduction of the much needed measures in the North Down area.

Commenting on the issue, North Down Alliance MLA Andrew Muir said: “Many parents have contacted me profoundly disappointed to learn that not one single school was selected for introduction of the much needed measures to help improve safety of children, parents and staff alike. I have queried this directly with the Infrastructure Minister and am frustrated to learn that none of the schools in the North Down area were ranked highly enough to be included within this year’s programme.

“I have however taken the Minister up on her statement that “It is my intention for this programme to be rolled out over the coming years and therefore other schools, including those in North Down, will be considered for inclusion in future programme” by posing a further question urging her to set aside funding in 2021/22 Financial Year to include North Down Schools and will continue to follow-up this issue with vigour conscious of the real risks which continue to exist in the absence of any schemes outside so many busy schools”

Alliance Councillor for Bangor West Councillor Connie Egan has also been contacted by concerned parents keen to see schemes rolled out without delay across North Down.

Commenting on the matter, Councillor Egan added “It has rightly been argued that part time 20 mph restrictions should be in place outside every school putting aside the pick and mix approach adopted the date. Without the funding to enable a full roll out across Northern Ireland every part of Northern Ireland North Down Schools really ought to be included in schemes. A further scheme which includes schools in North Down must be brought forward next year and something I will relentlessly follow-up to achieve.”