Alliance urges consumers to avail of customer care registers

Alliance East Belfast MLAs, Judith Cochrane and Chris Lyttle, have urged vulnerable consumers who might require extra support in the event of a loss of electricity, gas or water supplies, or need extra help with bills, to make sure that they are on the Customer Care and Critical Care Registers held by utility companies.

Judith Cochrane MLA said: “In situations where there has been the loss of a utility, such as electricity, customers who are elderly, have a disability or a serious medical condition may need to be given extra help.

“To ensure that they are given priority by the utility companies, I would urge them to add their details to the Critical Care Registers.”

Chris Lyttle MLA said: “Some vulnerable customers might require extra support from utility companies such as having bills in large print or braille, and password schemes to identify utility workers at their door. I would urge these customers to avail of the Customer Care Registers provided by their utility companies.

“It is free to sign up for the Customer Care and Critical Care Registers and can be done by simply contacting your utility company.”


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