Alliance urges Bush to use influence to build peace

ALLIANCE has urged President Bush to use his influence to build peace in both the Middle East and Northern Ireland.

Speaking after Alliance’s meeting with President Bush and Colin Powell at Hillsborough, the cross-community Alliance Party Leader, David Ford MLA, stated:

“It is clear that there is still a large amount of work to be done in the next couple of days if we really are to make progress in resolving our political difficulties.

“If it helped provide an impetus to persuading all parties to live up to their obligations, then the meetings at Hillsborough will have proved very valuable.

“President Bush made a specific linkage between Northern Ireland and the Israel-Palestine problem when he talked of the message that we could send to the world by resolving our problems.

“Alliance urged both him and Colin Powell to use all the influence they have to help build peace in the Middle East.”

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