Alliance to meet Secretary of State on addressing the troubles

On the day that an Alliance delegation is meeting with the Secretary of State to discuss a way forward on the legacy of the troubles, Alliance Deputy Leader Naomi Long MP said we need a comprehensive process to address the needs of all victims and help build a shared future. Naomi has led the way in putting pressure on the Secretary of State to convene party talks on addressing the past.

Naomi Long MP said: “Our key aims are to get parties talking together with the Secretary of State to try to find an agreed way forward for dealing with the past, and to meet the needs not only of victims and survivors, but also of the wider community for reconciliation going forward. “The current approach is piecemeal and whilst some families have access to public inquiries others are left to deal with the consequences of what happened to them largely alone and without the hope of any answers.

“We need a process which is independent, has a realistic timeframe and possible international involvement. This process could deal with information recovery, ongoing historical investigations, the examination of key thematic issues and the use of storytelling as a way to help address the past.

“It is absolutely vital that the process we put in place to address the legacy of the troubles helps us to build and cement a shared future. Without a sensitive and inclusive process, which has all Party support, the past will continue to cast a shadow over the future. Parties need to demonstrate maturity and work together to seek consensus, and the Secretary of State has a particular responsibility for facilitating and engaging with that process.”


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