Alliance submits its response to the criminal justice review

The Alliance Party today submitted their response to the Report of the Review of the Criminal Justice System in Northern Ireland

Commenting on the Alliance submission, Sean Neeson said:

“Alliance believes that there is substantial scope for reforming the Criminal Justice System in Northern Ireland, particularly in making the system more understandable and accessible to the general public.”

“The Report as a whole is balanced and an excellent basis on which to proceed. We are particularly pleased that the report provides scope for the eventual creation of a NI Department of Justice. This is something that Alliance has been suggesting for many years. It would give an important element of cross-community ownership of the system.”

“Alliance welcomes the acknowledgement that all restorative justice schemes should be under the aegis of the criminal justice system. This is essential for upholding the highest standards of human rights and due process. We hope that this recommendation will not be watered down as has been suggested by some.”

“Alliance is however concerned to ensure that the Probation Board, which is universally respected across the community, is preserved as an independent non-governmental body.”


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