Alliance slams loyalist warning posters

Alliance South Antrim Assembly member David Ford has urged the two main loyalist paramilitary groups to remove so-called ‘community warnings’ in Glengormley.

Posters in Glengormley Park and on the Ballyclare Road warn that the UVF and UFF will take action against those they believe are guilty of ‘community crimes’

Mr Ford said: “This is not the way to deal with problems in the community, and I doubt whether local residents want these posters up at all.

“These posters are threatening and intimidating. There was a collective sigh of relief in Antrim when paramilitary flags were taken down recently. So it is highly disappointing that as soon as loyalists announce they are scaling down paramilitary flag displays, they are replaced by blatant threats.”

“The UVF and UFF have put themselves forward as judge, jury and potential executioner, and the former is supposed to be on ceasefire. I would challenge PUP Leader David Ervine to use his influence to have UVF warning notices removed from Glengormley Park.”

“Only the PSNI has the right to police Glengormley. Paramilitaries have absolutely no right to take the law into their own hands, and I would call on the community in Glengormley to co-operate with the police and take their grievances to the proper authorities.”

Notes to editors:

The UVF notice reads: UVF Community Warning: Due to the recent escalation of anti-social behaviour in loyalist estates local residents have approached us with a view to stopping this worrying trend. With immediate effect all those involved in this disgraceful behaviour are warned to stop!!! Take heed… There will be no second chances. For God and Ulster ‘The People’s Army’ A UVF emblem is also clearly displayed. Seen in Glengormley public park, between the Ballyclare Road and Carnmoney Road. One on the door into Glengormley bowling pavilion, and lampposts all round park.

Following the UVF posters last week, there are now some UFF posters along the Ballyclare Road. The text of them reads: WARNING A number of incidents have occurred in this area which will not be tolerated by this organisation. The perpetrators of these Community Crimes have been well warned, the Police Service of Northern Ireland are powerless and Anti-Protestant. Therefore we will act as the protectors of the area. When caught, these people will be made an example of. South East Antrim U.F.F.


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