Alliance slams IRA statement as misleading

Alliance Leader David Ford has accused the IRA of trying to mislead the public over his proposals to the Government for an independent ceasefire monitor to report on paramilitary activity.

Mr Ford stated: “The republican movement is deliberately attempting to muddy the waters by trying to present a ceasefire monitor as an anti-Agreement proposal. This is certainly not the case, as the proposal came from Alliance, a party that has been committed to the Agreement since day one.”

“At our meeting with the Secretary of State on Tuesday, it became increasingly clear that he has moved closer to our position that any observer would report on levels of paramilitary activity and make regular public reports.”

“This mechanism would not remove the Secretary of State’s role in making final determinations on the status of ceasefires, but the irony of the IRA defending a British minister’s position should not be lost on anyone.”

“Alliance’s proposal offers the chance for greater honesty and integrity to be injected into the political process in the future, something the public has been crying out for. If the IRA has no intention of breaking its ceasefire and has nothing to hide, then they have nothing to fear.”


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