Alliance concern at City Hall drug dealing

Alliance party councillor Naomi Long has said she is concerned that drug dealers may be targeting young teenagers outside City Hall.

Cllr Long, a member of the Council’s Drugs Misuse Working Group, said she had been contacted by a constituent who has witnessed a man dealing drugs in and around the front of City Hall on a number of occasions.

Cllr Long said: “I totally condemn the actions of dealers who appear to be specifically targeting children changing buses at City Hall after school. We need to adopt a zero tolerance approach towards drug dealing to children.”

“It would appear that drug dealers are now flaunting their dangerous wares right under the noses of Belfast City Council, and this situation cannot be allowed to continue. It is exactly this kind of activity, at the very heart of our city, which leads people like Eamonn Holmes to have such a low opinion of Belfast sometimes.”

“I have contacted the police about the situation and they have promised to keep watch on the area and are treating the situation very seriously. CCTV cameras and beat patrols will help to identify anyone behaving suspiciously.”

“I have also informed the Chief Executive of Belfast City Council, so that the Council’s security staff are alerted to the situation.”

“I would encourage anyone witnessing any suspicious activity in the area to contact the PSNI immediately and report it.”


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