Alliance slams Empey vampire comments and says he should apologise

Alliance Youth Chair Conrad Dickson has criticized comments by the Employment and Learning Minister Sir Reg Empey that some young people not in employment, education or training were like ‘vampires’ as they get up late and stay up all night. He said Sir Reg Empey should apologise for his remarks.

Conrad Dickson said: “These comments by Sir Reg Empey clearly show how out of touch he is with young people today. What he said was a disgrace and he should apologise for his remarks..

“This was obviously Sir Reg’s attempt to look tough but it has backfired and embarrassed him.

“It’s ok for him to sit in his ministerial ivory tower and hurl insults at young people but he does not understand the realities of what it is like to leave education, only to face months or years of looking for a job.

“We all suspected that the Ulster Unionists and UCUNF are out of touch, and these comments confirm this.”


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